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Our exclusive Skype chat room is full of traders who are eager and willing to share their trading knowledge and expertise with the rest of our members. You will get real-time alert messages when a safe, profitable trade is expected. The entire trade plan is explained ahead of time to achieve the perfect entry price, profit target, stop loss and limits.

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Getting Alerts ahead of time gives you better chances of much bigger profits! Having a full plan alerted ahead of time means you’re not just following the leader after the fact and getting bad buy & sell prices by chasing but you actually know exact entry, exit, take profit plan minutes ahead! This means you have time to get your orders ready and be able to lock max profits on each trade! Profit Trade Room is THE ONLY trading room in market where you get all Alerts with full plan ahead of time!

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15+ Years of Trading Experience

I’ve been trading for 17+ years and my average monthly profits are high.

Affordable Stocks

We mostly trade stocks valued at $1 to $50 per share.

Average 5 Alerts per Day

We make average about 5 trades per day focusing on just the best ones – “sniper shots”!

Consistent Daily Profit

Average profit on trade is 5% to 20% or more, sometimes it’s a bit under 5% but other times it can be 50%+ profit on a single trade within few minutes!

Case Study: +677.0% Profit in 3 Weeks!

This is trading account statement from a member showing +$12,149.53 total net profit made in a short period of time by starting with only $1,794 account balance!

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